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Art & Astronomy Activity Days

Art and Astronomy Activity Days to liven up the end of the Winter season!

The Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan will be hosting a series of activity days for students ages 8-11. Drop-off is at 12:00, and pick-up is at 2:00pm.

Lessons include:


February 2 – Nebulas and Star Creation

Witness the wonders of our universe as we explore the evolution and lifetimes of stars! Learn about the contents of star dust, and the reasons we can see colors in our night sky.

February 23 – Space Missions and Discoveries

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, let’s take the time to remember some of the many other discoveries and adventures that changed our world today! What kinds of missions should we take in the future?

March 30 – Hawaiian Skies Live

Still feeling the winter blues? Warm up a little as we learn about the special tropical ecology of the Hawaiian Islands! Being so much nearer to the equator, the night sky is sure to look a bit different too!


Our lessons are all STEAM-focused to support a full learning experience! Planetarium Coordinator and resident astrophysicist, Johnathan Winckowski, brings his scientific knowledge to the table with in-depth discussions and Fulldome visuals. Education Coordinator, Amanda Kucharek, accentuates the “Art” in “STEAM” with her background in Art Education and thoughtful activity stations. Together, they designed special planetarium shows and art activities for these days only!

Each session costs $10 to attend. If you sign up for all three, you will receive $5 off your total.
There will be a 50-student limit, so pre-register soon! You must fill out an emergency contact form before end-of-day on Feb. 1, Feb. 22, and/or March 29.

Stop in to the Besser Museum, or call (989)356-2202 for sign-ups. 

Our mission is to collect, preserve, interpret, and exhibit authentic articles and artifacts of art, history, and science to 

inspire curiosity, foster community pride, and cultivate personal legacy.

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