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"Alpena Once More"

Judith Dawley

Local Artist & Author

Judith Dawley was born in New York City and raised the lakes area of New Jersey.  Her watercolors record the unique character of Alpena's landmarks.  They are narrative in nature, depicting life in a coastal town.

Dawley has demonstrated watercolor techniques on Artrain and conducted workshops for teachers.  Her work has appeared in the Michigan Water Color Society Exhibition, its traveling exhibit, and the Great Lakes Juried Exhibition.  She has won awards in the Northeast Michigan Juried Art Show.

Artist's Statement


"Artists celebrate light.  Each hour of the day throws up a scene into a different mood.  Seasons turn landscapes and cityscapes in a perpetual cartwheel of color.  From bold to someber, from sweet to brilliant, Northern Michigan inspires because of its unique and constantly changing light.

What comes to mind when you think of Alpena?  Where does your heart go?  Some people think of the downtown district with its charming shops and restaurants.  Others look to the water - Lake Huron, inland lakes, rivers, and streams.  Others would agree that the contryside says home.  In trying to get a sense of place for my book, I have looked to our town, farms, and natural beauty for inspiration."  - Judith Dawley

"Voluptuous Vessels"

Rose Wojda

2016 Juried Art Winner

Rose Wojda is a ceramicist living in the Alpena Area.  After studying art at Alpena Community College and Northern Michigan University, she returned to Alpena, where she discovered a love for working in clay.  


While very new to the trade, Rose's work consists of primarily hand built vessels and hand carved porcelain pendants.  Each piece is a unique, original design.  Many of the cellular structure designs carved into the pieces were inspired by an artist by the name of Charles Rohlfs, whose artistic furniture was popular during the Arts and Crafts movement.  


Growing up in a rural area, Rose also enjoys drawing inspiration from nature that surrounds her.  Whether it be the movement in her vessels, the colors in her glazes, or the designs she carves into the clay.

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