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NEMAG Divergence

Divergence poster.jpg

  Definitions of divergence include moving or extending in different directions from a common point; differing in opinion, form and turning aside; and deviating from a path, practice, or plan. NEMAG members have created art expressing their interpretation of divergence.  Some are realistic, some abstract, and each will provoke thought about moving from one common point to another from any personal aspect.

  NEMAG’s mission is to promote and support art and artists through inspiration, information and education in our community.  “Divergence” displays the artist range of NEMAG Members.  Some are beginning artists and others are very accomplished.  We hope this exhibit will spark an interest in everyone’s inner artist and touch and inspire others.

For more information about NEMAG,

please contact Karen at 989-766-9945, Ellen at 989-916-5997,

or email

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