A visit to the Besser Museum during the holidays is a cherished tradition for many families. Every year museum staff and volunteers rise to the challenge of picking a new theme to create some Christmas magic. This year’s Season of Light is once again sure to create special memories for the whole family.  With traditional favorites like the Christmas Village, Community Trees, and Trees of Nations, along with some new features, visitors will be mesmerized by the whimsical beauty created by the artistic talents of the museum volunteers.


This year’s theme, “Stars of Wonder: A Celestial Celebration” was chosen to help celebrate the installation of the new digital planetarium. 


Helping to create the new twist that complements the celestial theme are 85 year-old Marilyn Thom, and her 65 year-old daughter, DeLynn Median; both proud to be recognized as active senior citizens contributing to their community.  These two talented ladies are in their sixth year of volunteering at the museum as set designers for the Christmas exhibit.  Marilyn and DeLynn have spent hours painting four large murals depicting starry scenes, one being of the Heaven’s Gate nebula.


Local artist, author, and retired teacher, Judy Dawley has been working alongside the mother-daughter duo painting her own scene that depicts an unfamiliar Arabian star lore of the Milky Way with a formation of stars more commonly known as Sagittarius.  Dawley is also working on creating exhibit scenes to portray the Ojibwa Native American constellation story of the Winter Maker, Kabibona’kan, Draco the Dragon,  along with several other scenes of different cultural interpretations of constellation stories.  This unique exhibit will both educate and entertain young and old alike.


The Community Tree Gallery will be filled with over a dozen service organizations.  Each organization will beautifully decorate their tree with a theme that helps to educate the public about the services they provide to the community throughout the entire year.  If you would like to have your organization represented in the Community Tree Gallery next year you can call the museum and get your name on the list.  Each year the museum tries to offer the opportunity for new organizations to participate in the Season of Light exhibit.


The Besser Museum is also a great place to hold a small holiday party.  For more information on rental rates and availability you can call the Besser Museum at 989-356-2202. The Season of Light exhibit, along with the Northeast Michigan Juried Art exhibition, will run from November 19th through December 31st.


Our mission is to collect, preserve, interpret, and exhibit authentic articles and artifacts of art, history, and science to 

inspire curiosity, foster community pride, and cultivate personal legacy.

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