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Besser Museum needs your help to keep a fantastic part of history available!


The Katherine V, a fish tug that operated in Lake Huron for over 40 years, is the centerpiece of the upcoming Fisheries Heritage Exhibit. Your donations will help support the preservation of the historic Katherine V and assist in the creation of the Fisheries Heritage Exhibit.

The goal of the exhibit is to explore the ecological, economic, and recational value that the Great Lakes provide to us today, as well as throughout history. Great Lake fisheries are a thread that runs through the entire region, and serves as a gague of resource sustainability and the quality of life of people. The Fisheries Heritage Exhibit will offer residents and visitors a unique opportunity to explore and experience hands-on the dynamic social, technological, and environmental changes shaping the fishery as we know it today.


Click here for an oral history presentation on the Katherine V. 

The Katherine V throughout history:

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The Great Lakes Fisheries Heritage Consortium

The Great Lakes Fisheries Heritage Consortium reflects the work of a statewide network of organizations collaborating beyond restoration and preservation of fisheries heritage artifacts to envision and implement strategies for how these assets can be more ambitionsly leveraged in advancing coastal tourism, community development, and Great Lakes literacy and stewardship through education and interpretation.


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Invaders of the Great Lakes


"I felt this was a story that needed to be shared with the people of Michigan, of the Great Lakes region, and with all who cherish these amazing freshwater resources," said Jim Johnson, a research biologist and manager of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Alpena Fishery Research Station.


Directed by GVSU professor John Schmit, this Emmy-nominated documentary tells the history of exotic species invasions in Lake Huron and describes other invaders looming on the horizon.  Biologists from around the Great Lakes describe the invaders, the damage they have caused, and efforts to manage Lake Huron's ecosystem and multi-million dollar fisheries. 



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