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What the Eyes Can't See                        Astrophotography by Eugene Cambre

The Besser Museum will be featuring a selection of astrophotography by Eugene Cambre in first exhibit at the Besser Museum. The exhibit opens with a free public reception on Saturday, January 29th at 3pm - 5pm. The exhibit will be on display January 29th through April 19th. 


Cambre is an empirical photographer of nature, landscape, architecture, the skies and heavens for over 50 years. Cambre and his wife recently moved to Presque Isle, Michigan after living in Texas for 60 years.

The Northeast Michigan dark-skies is the perfect location for his love of astrophotography to flourish. Cambre has created two webinars that cover drones, phones and camera functions, techniques and editing styles.

He has won 3 awards at the Texas State Fair, published a book and placed at a juried exhibition at the Art in the Loft. Whether inches or lightyears away, Eugene is always looking for the details that reveal the magic of the world around us in both stills and video. He views his photography as a Vision that pulls the outside world through the lens and paints it in your imagination. Eugene's astrophotography techniques captures what the eye can't see. 

Eugene photo 1.jpg
Eugene Photo 2.jpg
1840 Old Presque Isle Lighthouse
1870 New Presque Isle Lighthouse
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