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                                   Interested in donating an item to the Besser Museum?

                                                  We invite you to complete the Application for Consideration for the Permanent 

                                                  Collection. This application will help the Besser Museum and the Collection Committee

                                                  understand how your item might support the Besser Museum’s mission. 

The completed application will help us understand the history of the item including what it is,

to whom it belonged, where it was used, when it was used, why it is important, and how it

complements the Besser Museum’s mission. The information provided in these applications,

helps to make the donated items valuable resources for years to come.  

                                   To the best of your ability, please, complete an application for each item you wish to be considered

                                   for inclusion in the collections of the Besser Museum. There are instructions included within the

                                   application regarding where the application should be sent.  

                                   If you have questions about how best to complete the application, 

                                   please contact the Collections Manager.

Donation Alternatives  

For information on other collecting organizations, including museums and historical societies

within Michigan, please visit the Historical Society of Michigan website.