The Great Lakes Fisheries Heritage Consortium

The Great Lakes Fisheries Heritage Consortium reflects the work of a statewide network of organizations collaborating beyond restoration and preservation of fisheries heritage artifacts to envision and implement strategies for how these assets can be more ambitionsly leveraged in advancing coastal tourism, community development, and Great Lakes literacy and stewardship through education and interpretation.


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On Display at the Besser Museum

New Exhibit

In keeping with a founder’s statement, “Probably the major interest of our museum will be the historical collections, which should reflect the story of the development of the community,” the Fisheries Heritage Exhibit will depict the artifacts, devises and dock sites of the commercial fishing industry as it began and matured along the northeast Michigan shores and waters of Lake Huron.


The exhibit will highlight the era of the Katherine V, the early and mid parts of the twentieth century. The exhibit will also tell the story of sports and recreational fishing, and the ever changing ecology of the Great Lakes.


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Our mission is to collect, preserve, interpret, and exhibit authentic articles and artifacts of art, history, and science to 

inspire curiosity, foster community pride, and cultivate personal legacy.

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