Katherine V & Our Fisheries Heritage

Visit the Besser Museum to experience this history and see the Katherine V for yourself. 

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 Great Lakes Fisheries Heritage Trail: 

Katherine V a lone survivor and fishing legend

By Brandon Schroeder


  A new Great Lakes Fisheries Heritage Trail offers an opportunity to explore the past, present and future of the lakes through the lens of fish and fishing (see Part 1, series introduction). In this article, we visit Alpena, Michigan and the Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan to explore commercial fishing heritage of northern Lake Huron as told through the historic commercial fishing vessel, the Katherine V.


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Preservation and Restoration

of the Katherine V

The Kahlenberg Engine

   For more information on the engine that was once inside the Katherine V, check out this interview with Dave Robertson, who is currently restoring the engine to working order.


   Video compliments of Association of Lifelong Learners member, Richard Bremer.

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Although then (and now) Alpena was the largest commercial fishing port north of Saginaw Bay, it was by no means the only one. Most Lake Huron ports in northeast Michigan have similar fishery settlement histories. Rogers City, the homeport for the Katherine V, continued to ship fish by the railcar load through the mid-1950s. Lake Huron continues to support an active fishery. By treaty, tribal licensed Native Americans can fish in certain parts of the lake north of the 45th parallel.