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Photography Exhibit 
by Beverly Wolf 
January 27 - July 20

Beverly Benson Wolf is an international award-winning photographer with deep roots in northeast Michigan.  Her great-grandparents owned the Adams House hotel in Posen over 100 years ago, and her grandparents lived on Grand Lake until health issues moved them to Alpena over 40 years ago.  Bev spent many years visiting, exploring, and loving our area, and now lives on Presque Isle Harbor with her husband David as their dream retirement.  

Bev first explored photography in 1986 when her work as a police detective called upon her to photograph an occasional crime scene.  She took an adult education class in black and white photography and was captivated the moment she developed her first image.  It was magical to watch a picture develop on a sheet of white paper immersed in a chemical bath.  She was hooked.

Over the course of her career, she was taught photographic skills by a variety of nationally recognized professional photographers and continued with formal classes, as well as informal training with numerous photographers in southeast Michigan.


Beverly has exhibited in group and individual exhibits since 2002.  She has served as an exhibit juror and judged numerous photographic competitions.  In July of 2007, and again in July of 2008, Bev had images selected for the Governor’s Residence Artist Program whereby images were selected and hung in the Governor’s Residence for each year.  


While participating in art fairs from 2006 through 2008, her image “Opposing Views” was selected at the Portside Art Fair 2008 for a ‘purchase prize’ and is now a permanent addition to the East Jordan Historical and Art Society Cygred Riley Art Gallery,


Bev’s image “European Eagle Owl” won Best of Show at the Photographic Society of America’s 73rd Annual International Salon of Photography held in Detroit, Michigan in 2006 where her work went up against 56 images from 6 continents.

For over a decade it has been Bev’s continuing honor to be invited to submit images to the Sierra Club for consideration and inclusion in their widely distributed and appreciated annual Sierra Club Engagement and Wilderness Wall Calendars.


Beverly is inspired by the natural environment and beauty that can be found from the vastness of the skies to the minutia of a tiny frost pattern.  While some images are carefully planned for weather, time of day, location, and the subject’s characteristics, others are spontaneously based on serendipitous chance.  “Stop the car!!!”  Her subjects reflect her commitment to preserving the natural world, as well as that impacted by the hand of man.  Bev’s desire is to share the beauty or uniqueness of the subject as she sees it and feels it.


Bev has been fortunate to travel widely from the Soviet Union to South Africa, the Galapagos to Peru, and across much of Europe, but wants only to live in Presque Isle.  Many beautiful images have been captured on these adventures, but when it comes to favorites it’s “America, the Beautiful”  whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall.  As you look at the four panels to your right, enjoy images of the four seasons taken from a much larger collection.


As you look at the panels to your left, hum ‘America the Beautiful’ and think of the words as you walk along the panels from the left to the right.  From America the Beautiful, represented by eagles and fireworks, through ‘spacious skies’, ‘amber waves of grain’, to the ‘purple mountains’ majesty’ and fruited plains, ending with ‘brotherhood’ and shining seas, Bev hopes you’ll see some of the beauty that has captured her heart and been a feast for her eyes.


Images may be purchased from:

B B Wolf Fine Art Photography: 6953 Kauffman Rd, Presque Isle, MI 49777

home: 248.232.3079  or  248.496.9447

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